Champions #7

Is that burgers and brauts I smell cooking on the grill? No it’s the Champions getting cooked in a police interrogation room for beating up a couple of homeless guys! Wait, that can’t be right. My Champions don’t beat up the homeless. Can the Champions clear their name, restore their rep, and take the fight to the Freelancers? Also would your parents be more overprotective if they were androids? Yes, no, maybe. Find out in this months issue of Marvel’s Champions.

Issue #7 is an action packed episode featuring Ms. Marvel, The Totally Awesome Hulk, Viv Vision, Manuel Morales (Spider Man), young Nova, and time travelling Cyclops. Mark Waid is producing socially conscious plots that pit the Champions against super powered villans with the real world problems of human trafficking, and gender equality in the arab world hanging in the balance. While the plots deal with some complex issues of today, the presentation is straightforward making it approachable for readers being introduced to them for the first time. The rating on the comic is teen plus, but in my opinion it is appropriate for younger or even pre-teens. Or in the case of this reviewer thirty-somethings, a fact that speaks well of the product that Ramos and Waid are putting out or poorly about my ability to discern worthwhile reading.

Humberto Ramos has a really fun drawing style that feels like a natural progression of comic art. His characters have oversized heads, hands, and feet for the size of their bodies. None of them are overly muscled unless your name is Totally Awesome Hulk or Might. If you are a fan of the Marvel animation on Disney X D you will be pleased with the familiar look and high quality. Edgar Delgado’s vibrant, and I think digital colors help give this book a lot of curb appeal.

For me Champions is what one of my friends calls a value title. I am currently hooked on Ms. Marvel’s solo title and interested in, but can’t also collect Totally Awesome Hulk and the new Spider Man. I can  however take part in some of their adventures and learn about Viv, Cyke, and Nova by collecting Champions. I really enjoy the team dynamic as well. They have lots of battlefield cooperation and just a little inter-team drama. Nothing like the soap opera feel of some of the team comics I ate up as a teen in the 90’s. (X-Men 90210) The Champions also have to deal with mercurial public opinion voiced through social media. This was something that was not a part of my teen world, but seems to hold a lot of attention for teens, adults, and presidents today.

Champions #7 is very good, and consistent with the quality of the series so far. If you are looking to check out a new super team, give the Champions a try. This issue is as good as any to get on board. You’ll miss the setup from last issue that lands the Champions on the grill, but it doesn’t really matter. The only question you have to answer is are you hungry for a Hulk Burger or an Optic Blast Braut?




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